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Welcome to Newport

Thank you for visiting Newport Thoroughbreds. We are a SIM racehorse stable, meaning none of these horses actually exist, and all the staff and facilities are totally imagined.


Newport is located in the great racing country of Great Britain. Many of our horses also travel each year with our racing teams to Ireland, Australia, parts of Europe and the United Stakes. We are currently in the process of constructing a new sister stable in Ireland, where many of our best racing horses have had their largest success. Next will be Australia, where we hope to start another stable with a successful string all it's own.

Racing Success

As you can see from the list to the right, Newport has bred many successful racers. These are simply the races won by horses owned AND bred by Newport, not including the many successful racers we have ran that were bred by other stables.

We try to keep our horses in great shape longer by not pushing them as much their two year old year, and by allowing them to run at their own pace. If we feel a horse needs to slow down and take a break, we do that. We would rather have them race again next year than having them overworked to win in the moment. We take great pride in absolute care of our animals, using the latest technology and ancient medicine together to keep them in tip top shape.

Breeding Program

You may have noticed that Newport stands only Grade I stallions, with most of them being multi Grade I winners on the track. We also look for extensive pedigrees if possible, and look forward to the day when all of our foals will have a Grade I winner or two in each generation of their pedigree.

The mares are of course half the foal, so we also keep only the best mares for breeding. Sometimes a mare just doesn't have the drive to compete as well on the track, perhaps she's more worried about the colts next to her in the chute, but at any rate we only look for those mares with the heart and drive to at least give it a go. Rarely do we keep a mare without at least starting her on the track, unless an injury or other insurmountable circumstance does not allow that.

Because we sell so few foals, Newport makes sure that each foal we breed is one we would not mind keeping ourselves. We always want quality, beautiful winners coming from our barn - and that's something you can bet on.

Recent Graded Stakes Wins

Competition Circuit

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